September 07, 2011

Hold up Playas, it's a new The M M Show!

I threw this one together late in the evening, after losing the first recording of the show to a bad microphone connection. I ordered a new one, one that jacks in with a 3.5mm plug as opposed to the USB mic I've got now. (I read that USB mics aren't as reliable). So, when the new one gets here in a few weeks, it'll be a whole new show! Disco balls, smoke machine, margarita machine are next. And green lasers. This week's upgrade is the addition of the MMS banner image, which is a spoof of this TNA ad:

For any readers who didn't know, the name "Marshall Matters Show" is derived from TNA's "Wrestling Matters Here" slogan, which already seemed like a joke in itself. "Marshall Matters" has nothing to do with Eminem, though I am aware that it sounds like his name. But someday, people will say that Eminem's name sounds like Marshall Matters. And just in the interest of adding some color to this post, here's a MMShow icon that I spent way too much time on:

Doesn't get much tackier... This is the one I said looked like a shitty album cover from 1998. Actually now that I'm looking at both MMShow images, I guess they're both really unattractive. Well, whatever. If you have a preference or opinion, let me know.

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