August 09, 2018

Deep Wrestling Thoughts....With Poncho

The G1 Climax is coming to a close. Also is profanities and middle fingers in NJPW. It's hilarious that the language was probably more crude in the WWF Attitude Era, but a lack of Tonga Loa being a potty mouth will really hurt his entertainment factor. I've been thinking about how crude the Attitude Era was....but I love puns and double entendres. That stuff was smart.

Really too bad about this Aleister Black injury right before Takeover. The story had built so well. Not that Gargano and Ciampa can ever disappoint. Anybody see that weird Velveteen Dream/EC3 promo this week? It was weird. What is the deal with Keith Lee? Big dude that has a catchphrase? It's almost as bad as just saying something like "Bro" and getting signed by WWE. Oh.... wait.

Feelings on Don't Drink The Water by Dave Matthews Band? If it wasn't Dave Matthews would it be good?

Is Austin Aries the greatest TNA/Impact Champion of all time? He got a good match out of a concussed Moose. Moose. Moose.

Anybody see the introduction of all the Mae Young Ladies on Facebook? I MARKED out for Meiko Satamura in a WWE ring. That Mike Quackenbush does a good job making you care about stuff. My least favorite was somebody called "Jinny," but enjoyed Allysin Kay's (Impact's Sienna) crazy mug.

Miz and Mrs. The worst. When Marty and Sarah say they love Miz and Mrs but hate Total Bellas...I feel bad. I'll still watch every episide.

What was the last ROH show anybody watched? Lethal is the champ? I guess I'll watch All In this month. It will probably be awesome.

I'm current on MLW. Tom Lawlor getting the big push. I'm a fan of him...and laugh that Simon Gotch is his cronie. PCO was in the Battle Riot. Which was awesome and totally on YouTube for free. I guess Bruce Prichard helped book it.

Drew Gulak is challenging for the Cruiserweight Title at SummerSlam. He's the best. I "watch" 205 Live.

I think I'm done.

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