June 19, 2018

Be A Star

Wolfing down sweet potato fries and marking out to Velveteen Dream. Scanning 25 dollar flip flops at Whole Foods like a house of fire. It is I, you're boy, dreading work while drinking nock off La Croix. Weighing in at about 145 pounds(working on bringing that down a bit)  RrrrrrrUSTY NICKLES
Cue the theme...

Ok Enough of that shit. I figured I would type up a quick post because it was another great weekend for wrestling. Sadly I had to close both nights so I couldn't text Poncho as we watched it live together. But at least I had both shows to look forward to when I got off work. About that, I am a whole Foods Cashier now. It is ok. Not hard exactly. I just am having a hard time jumbling up the produce numbers. Apparently I am more dyslexic than I thought. Something you both probably find obvious from reading my posts for years. Oh well. I am getting it. Lets get to the wrestling.

Like I said earlier, I had to close at work. So I didn't start it till after 11 pm. This made the later half of the show hard to watch because I was so tired. Lesson learned; wrestling is more fun when both eyes can watch the match. oh well. Takeover still was great and reaffirmed my feeling that NXT is  miles ahead of main roster.

Some quick match thoughts...

Undisputed Era vs Lorcan and Burch (AKA the Stone Cold Wax Figures)
Man I HAAAAAAAATE the UE. As an outsider (mark) They just seem like kid wrestlers. I mean look at this dude. I am no size queen when it comes to wrestlers but he just isn't convincing at all. And they all do that fucking stupid hand sign. It is just embarrassing. I haaaaate them. Miz style hate. On the flip side, I know how wrestling works, and they are awesome heals and are doing a great job.  I am dying to see them get crushed and lose the belts at every show. With this show I knew that there was no chance that they were going to lose against the wax figures of stone cold. But the match ruled regardless. It was a killer way to open the show.

Ricochet VS Velveteen Dream 
This is the one I was most excited about seeing. The build was fucking perfect. That flip that Ric did was one of the moments of the year. And Dream has rocketed into my fav five. Maybe even number one at the moment. I can see how he is a bit green but whatever. I look forward to seeing what he does week to week and isn't that what wrestling is all about?

So this match was fantastic. From the second it started it was a mark out fest. So many little details everywhere. I gotta admit I am not totally sold on Rick. I mean, he is a killer wrestler and I will be glued to the tv for his NXT matches. But I am not into his whole vibe. maybe it is the be fearless tattoo. He looks like the kinda guy who shops at whole foods, has a hot wife, two kids with 50 dollar Hitler youth haircuts, and pays with his apple watch. I guess that is unfair. Ric is great too. This was easily match of the night for me.

Shayna Baszler VS Nikki Cross
This was killer also! I knew that these two would rip it up and they did. Here is where I started getting sleepy so I don't have notes. The end was great. I love both of them.

I mean we all new Lars had no chance right? But this was a real fun big man smaller man match. I  love both of these guys and of course NXT delivered by having a great story thru the match. Speaking of.

Ciampa vs Johnny Wrestling
Do we all agree that this is the best thing in WWE today? Here is more proof, if you even need it, that NXT is far superior to main roster. This was another great match that had me nervous and on the edge of my seat the whole time. I was worried they would kill each other based on the brutality of the last match. Personally I like regular matches over ones with stipulations. I feel like a great match with no stipulations just feels better. And this one fell to that a bit. But I mean, it was still killer and brutal and these guys hate each other's guts haaaard. And the ending was perfect. fight forever clap clap clapclapclap! Where do they go next? I can't wait to see. May I suggest a bra and panties match?

I don't wanna get into MITB really . I hardly paid attention. And fucking Instagram spoiled the mens MITB match so that was a let down. Lately I have been down on the main roster shows. I am sure I have harped on this before. It is just so meaningless. Sure, some stories are great, the actual roster is fucking awesome, and good stuff is hidden thru the shows. But it is just so tediousssssssss. Jesus Christ I can't handle sitting thru a whole show. Every one feels the same. It is so fucking boring. If it wasn't for NXT maybe I wouldn't be so hard on WWE. But it is like if I aced advanced math and chemistry and got D's in art and P.E. You know I could do better, but it is obv

ious I just don't care to try. so frustrating.

Ok, stop complaining Rusty. It is my fault really. It is up to me to pick and chose what I watch and
not blame them for being bored with an aching back when I watch RAW. Be positive! Be a star! I need to chill out.

So friends, I gotta go work out and go to work. Lame. I leave you with some words of wizdome. Stay positive. Wrestling is fun even when it sucks. Soundgarden rules. Life is good even tho it is shitty sometimes. And frozen pizza sounds good but it is never worth it, we are getting to old to eat like that.

Love you dudes!

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