October 24, 2017

yeah i asked

yeah guys, I was getting all sentimental. Knowing that WWE was coming thru Portland and we werent going to go made me sad. That and some other stuff. So I was wondering how you two were doing. Here is my boring story.

In june I moved to Nampa Idaho. It was a trial run for just the summer to see what I thought about living here. All my family are really close and it was eating at me to live away from them. Especially my nieces and new nephew. So I came here to start over. Due to a million things I had to be in portland thru the summer to do (weddings, band stuff) I couldnt work here. So I spent the summer without really having friends, sitting in my room, watching wrestling and being bummed out. While back in portland to visit I would fill in at Gravy. The money I earned there funded my trips to the thrift stores where I constantly find good junk to buy. And that was about it for my summer. Having a lot of family time and just sitting around.

The family stuff was great. I love seeing everyone all the time and getting to be an uncle to the kids. That part is awesome. Not having friends or living in a boring town or being broke is not awesome. I kinda went nuts. every day I waffled back and forth on either staying or moving back to portland. It drove me insane. For the most part I am ok isn now. Somedays are better than others i guess.

My days where I am not working are pretty much all the same. I get up late, whenever i happen to wake up, and get coffee. Then I either catch up on raw or smackdown or put on something dumb and space out. I have worked out a lot this summer. When i am on a roll i go kick my ass on the treadmill, if I am in a unmotivated phase I just eat junk like a pig. Every other day my dad and I go to thrift stores and look at old garbage. Nampa is not cool at all so the thrift stores aint picked over. Also a lot of old mormon and christian people live here. That means that the thrift stores and full of vintage shit that is just my style. I almost never leave without something awesome. If I ever buy a house here I will be ably to furnish it like the most amazing museum of bad taste. My dream house.

hmmm what else? There is more sad shit to talk about but I can skip it. lets talk about wrestling. My parents have cable so i tape NJPW and watch random episodes in the living room every once in a while. My I showed my sister Omega vs Okada II and it blew her mind. NXT hasnt kept my atention lately but I still love it (that same sis and my brother in law started watching NXT at my suggestion and they are really into it which is cool). I think RAW has been pretty good for the most part for a while. Enzo is awesome. They have some good stories going. I should do an old school roster report one of these days to clear up my millions of thoughts on it. I watch Smackdown only for KO and Sami which are soooo good. Also every PPV has been good so far. Poncho and I text back and forth while watching them which makes it more fun. It reminds me of the old days where my friends and I would instant message chat with eachother whole watching smackdown in 1999.

I got into Smokey Mountain Wrestling this summer. It is good, old school wraslin which I love. Also lots of old WCW and WWF ppv's when I wanna space out. When I am not in the mood for wrestling I watch Unsolved Mysteries or some dateline episodes on youtube. I usually am high during those which makes them weirder.

Since I have been here I havent written a song at all. That will hopfully change soon because one of my best friends and I are starting a band here. Also once I make enough money I am planning on buying a computer good enough to record on, or even edit video on. If that happens I will probably be making some cool shit, maybe even a movie.

The hardest part of being here is being away from friends. You guys know that feeling I am sure. Even tho us three have pretty much always lived in different towns I feel so much farther away from you guys. It is hard. Even tho we mostly talk about wrestling I feel like we are all really supportive of each other and our little three way dance means a lot to me. As I am sure you guys know if you ever need anything at all I am always here, hanging above your ring, inn a shark cage, with keys in my trunks.

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  1. This reminds me a lot of when I moved to Vancouver. I didn't have any friends, I tried and tried but could never get a job, Alice was mad at me all the time for not making any money, so she would go out and I'd stay at home... it was the pits. For almost a year, watching wrestling was basically all I did. My favorite day was tuesday because I'd organize all my notes on Raw, Smackdown, Superstars, NXT (back when it was a competition show), FCW (the real precursor to current NXT), TNA, the PPVs, and whatever else I'd watched that week, new and old. I'd record the show, then sometimes spend hours editing and adding music. Rusty, I know you're always there for me and your friends because you were definitely there for me then, giving encouragement and conversation at a time when I wasn't finding much of either. I could never forget that. After that first year, I started getting way more into my art stuff, finding new modes of expression that I didn't know I had. The environment was still shitty in the second year, but having both the wrestling input and the podcast/art output sort of became the foundation for a lot of what I've been doing since coming back to the USA and getting back on my feet, though it's been a long road that isn't over yet. So, all that being said, you have my understanding, and if I'm ever in the position to give you the support that you gave me, it'd be my pleasure.
    Yours truly,
    Pleasure Marshall