July 14, 2017

Drinking at my buddies' Garage. I'm the third wheel to two couples. The ladies were rolling their eyes at my geeking out about Grant Morrison and how he's editing Heavy Metal magazine now. I have a bunch of issues of Heavy Metal now....and I've turned even nerdier (and confused as to why I haven't been reading this for years).

Johnny Gargano is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. His story is Shakespeare. If he's there......I squeal.

Asuka is amazing. I always compare her to Bjork. Because music is a competition in my mind.

Aliester Black is a great gimmick....and he's slowly getting over. I still laugh that the Marshall compared me to him. I'm way sillier than that guy.


I wanna see Aaliyah. She sucks, but some weird thing on the network made me kinda like her.

Former Evolve Champion. Dreeeeeeeew.
He's pretty cool.

Hideo Itami is a wrestler that I think will be back in Japan (probably NJPW) in the next year, and we should feel blessed to see him. He was smart to head to the US when he got to his "injury riddled" part of his career.  KENTA shall blow minds.

Oh yeah....Kassius Ohno. Rusty seemed disappointed that he would be both of our #1. Honestly...more excited for Gargano...but I don't think he'll be there. Chris Hero is an incredible athelete. I told Rusty that he's "More Athletic Terry Gordy" which is nuts if you think/know about it.

Anyway, beer drinking. I'm not going to edit this post. No idea if it makes sense. See you tomorrow.

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