August 20, 2016

NXT Takeover Back II Brooklyn Preview

Ember Moon vs Billie Kay
I've never seen the former Athena wrestle. I hear she's good. Billie Kay has big cheeks and a small chin. Yep.

No Way Jose vs Austin Aries
I hope when he makes the main roster it changes to just "No Way." They were able to show a ridiculous character with fire and kinda make one believe he actually wants to fight Aries. I think I like the dance, but not the character.

Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Glorious Bobby Roode
I kinda feel embarrassed that I picked Almas in the SCW draft based on his CMLL/NJPW character because Cien is worse than Jose. Oh and it is fucking bizarre to be into Roode....solely based on the best theme song going.

The Revival vs Gargano and Campaign for the NXT Tag Team Championships
After months of not being into the tag teams in NXT (based on once again having characters that are having a slightly hard time getting over on the main roster even though they are being treated like "stars")....I'm totally into this. So happy for Gargano to have signed and getting his farewell tour while already getting over in NXT. If he were to ask me "Did you enjoy the show tonight?" I would say yes.

Asuka vs Bayley for the NXT Women's Championship
This is weird. If Bayley doesn't win, the story is odd. If she does win, does she show up on RAW with the belt? I guess she could lose it at a house show. Should be exciting either way.

Samoa Joe vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the NXT Championship
If this doesn't steal the show (and maybe the weekend) I will be disappointed. Yeaoh.

Currently watching Evolve 64. Sabre vs Jigsaw right now. Death Before Dishonor is downloaded and probably next. Wrestling in August is the best. More soon....


  1. Ember Moon's finisher looks like it hurts. Aries made Jose look good. I love the cape because it's like he's trolling all the people on the Internet that complained about the "Vince is giving Neville a cape." I wish the lucha guys were allowed to Lucha a bit more. That tag match was awesome. I know all the American Alpha ones were good too....just didn't care. Just looking at Gargano makes me care. We discussed getting emotional about Bayley. These last two matches were very "Japanese." Thought this was Joe's best NXT match easily. Oh...Itami's appearance was awesome. Great show all around.

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