November 22, 2015

Poncho's A Survivor

Well, well, well. I almost forgot. Here it is.

Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio Quarterfinal
Well, this is a wrestling match. Would you put money on it?

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens Quarterfinal Match
Well, hopefully this is fun. Who doesn't want to see Ambrose's flying push. Does he turn? So much intrigue.

Dolph Ziggler vs Tyler Breeze
Tyler's big ppv debut. He's seemed ultra prepared for this. Hope his booking stays strong or he'll be Fandango adjace.

Charlotte vs Paige for the Divas Championship
Well, the end of RAW sure caused some kerfuffle. WWE sent out press releases and what not. When I watched it I went "oooooh,"  and it just reminded me of the Attitude Era. I thought it was funny when JR said he didn't like it when he's all about personal issues. Anyway, the segment came out of nowhere, but it was pretty exciting.

The Brothers Of Destruction vs The Wyatt Family
This is fun. Also a reminder that I've been watching WWE for basically 25 years. Maybe that's why I'm forgiving of the product.

Five on Five Traditional Survivor Series Match
New Day Rocks? Hopefully.

Tournament Final
Well, I hope we leave with a heel champion. Believe That.

So weed apparently makes the Attitude Era more enjoyable? I've been marathoning Marvel's Jessica Jones and it's really good. Enjoy the show guys. We'll have a new WWE Champ by the end of the day.

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