June 11, 2013

Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Cheated?

For the first time in like 4 years I watched Monday Night Raw with commercials, at the regular time, and on a real tv. You know...the way I watched it in middle and high school for years. As my parents would be watching something in the other room.

I don't know if it was me, or the change in how I normally watch...but that shit was horrible. I guess I liked the Cesaro vs Sin Cara match that was completely pointless and built around building Swagger. We might argue that DBD vs TBSR (I know you can figure that out) was a good match, but it kinda wasn't....it was mostly DBD being awesome, SR doing the same thing back to him, DBD  being awesome, etc......I have a feeling that once again DBD got over instead of Sheamus and Vince is probably pissed.

Now we get another PPV where was don't really care about anything. The Punk/Jericho non-feud will be sooooo exciting with all that story  giving them reason to hate eachother....you know that the good guy broke a bottle on the bad guy's head. Ug.....this is "I don't remember what happened three weeks ago, so why would the audience?" at it's best. Maybe I'm tired and grumpy......

Or maybe it's that Chikara is doing the simply greatest work ever in the history of the business. Anything based around time travel, magic, doppelgangers, and the cancellation of every show to the point where I can't even plan a vacation to So Cal to see Chikara right now. I've been reading just about everything I can find on the net...it's all fascinating.

Thanks Mike Quackenbush for making me happy.

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  1. In response to the question in the blog title: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

    The best part of the whole show might have been the Bray Wyatt packages. New characters usually debut on Mondays after PPVs... here's to hoping for next week!

    It's weird, but I think I like the DBD/Ryback match from last week more than the Rollins match from this week. Of course, Rollins has way more potential, and the match wasn't bad, it was just a little disappointing. It looked to me like the ref was talking to them a lot, maybe Vince was trying to call spots from the back. Who knows.

    I think Jericho's calling Punk out has been kind of interesting. Jericho talks about Punk like he's a good guy, or at least a tweener. He hasn't said he wants to kick Punk's ass or anything like that. I'm looking forward to the grudgeless rematch between them just for the match itself, but most of my curiosity hinges on whether Punk will be around on Monday or not.

    I tried to write a Chikara post last week, but I was hammered, and it's hard enough trying to explain that stuff sober. So... sounds like you don't think that it's all over? I haven't been able to decide whether or not the demise of Chikara is a work. Evidence on both sides. I can definitely say that the last 4-5 Chikara shows were among their best, and the Colony/Dev Corp. match and the main event from Anniversario will stick out in my memory for a long long time.