February 26, 2013

"God is a concept by which we measure our pain" ~John Lennon

In January, before the Royal Rumble, I was absolutely dead-sure that God would somehow turn babyface in preparation for a formal "crowning" at Wrestlemania in honor of his position as The Man currently in the WWE and world of pro wrestling in general.  The results of the Rumble and the following Raw shook me up and left me pretty confused, being that it seemed to leave God cold going into the event I was sure would make him a Legend.  Between then and now, we've been treated to a rebuild-up of God's integrity and grit, and He's been solidified as the most dominant personality and wrestling force in the company.  Despite tonight's loss, I'm still heavily invested in God going over for the WWE Championship at Mania, and have to admit, mark that I am, that I would pop even harder if he turned face at the same time.  But maybe that's also just because I don't care for the rock and am tired with John Cena.  Just had to get that off my chest after God stole the show with his auto-deity-invoking promo and subsequent match against the Cena Problem*.  If God doesn't enter into the championship picture at Wrestlemania, I hope he beats the Undertaker.

*due credit to the Cena Problem for 1/2 of a fantastic main event.

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