November 14, 2012

Donst Stop Believin'!

I'm planning on sitting on the couch for another video episode later today, but right now I just wanted to direct you guys to some cool things I've seen and read on the net recently.

Here's the third in a set of three interviews with Tim Donst, the best promo guy in Chikara (and a very solid wrestler).  Watching this video this morning wasn't the first time he's made me feel like a total mark.  I love it.

Here's a really cool open interview Donst did on an online forum (an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit).  There are a lot of dumb questions, but a lot of good ones too, and (more importantly) good answers.

If you think that's cool, Johnny Gargano is doing the same kind of thing later today.

Here's another interview I liked.  It's with Chucky T and involves much less reading.

Okey, that's it.  Back later.

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