February 26, 2012

Mat Classics: Danielson vs. McGuinness, ROH Driven '07

First you saw him compete in the first season of NXT. Then you saw him defeat the Miz for the US Championship. You've seen him compete in many of the best WWE matches of the past year and a half. Now you see him with the World Heavyweight Championship every week on Smackdown and Raw, and hear him heralded on my podcast over and over. But have you ever seen a Bryan Danielson ROH match?
Between 2006 and 2009, Danielson had a series of (I believe) nine high profile pay-per-view matches against Nigel McGuinness. I've seen four of them so far, and the one I've chosen to share here is possibly my #1 favorite DBD match ever. On your mark-outs, get set, go!

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