January 03, 2012

Rusty Report 1.2.2012

First of, Raw was great last night. I don't want to forget that. Because one thing Justify Fullkinda confused me i need to remember that for the most part i had a great time watching RAW. Maybe it was because i watched it with a big group who were all having fun. Joe was over of course as well as Cory, the dude you met when you were here a few weeks ago (who is slowly turning into a big fan). Maren and 3 of her friends also cam over and were having a great time. That's the cool thing about wrestling. Once you relax and get over all the stupid preconceived crap anyone can have fun with it. So we had a good time. Now on to the nit picking...

Before the show starts we see promos for raw. The promos are interrupted with the End Of The World bits.I can't tell you how excited i was about the 2012 reveal thingy. So excited. I kinda figured it was just going to be Taker but i was still really looking forward to it. The final promos only stoked our interest. Everyone tells themselves it's going to be taker so we don;t get disappointed. The Show starts, Cena comes out and cuts the normal promo. Ill talk more about cena in my next report that im currently working on, the things i hope happen in 2012.

Kane cuts a promo on cena over the PA. I don't care about this feud. I guess i just haven't paid enough attention to understand what it's about. So all the rest of the cena kane stuff from this episode was kinda ignored. Moving on...
DBD VS Dashing Cody - Like i said, we had a ton of friends over, so i didn't pay a lot of attention to detail on this episode. I kinda watched the matches but didn't really hear a word the commentators said. So i don't have a lot to say about this match. What i will say is that i'm sad DBD is now a champ. I was happy when he won but i feel like now it's going to hurt him in the long run. And that sucks cuz we all love DBD. But i feel like they are picking on him or something. I dunno yet, a little early to tell, but it feels like he was thrown a bone to see what he can do with it. If he fails that will be it for the upper card for ol DBD (remember swagger?)
The Miz and Laurenitis promo was great. I really like Laurenitis and loved the "does that ring a bell?" "NO" part. I also loved seeing Truth act like a maniac.
I don't need to talk about the Santino wade barrett match really. Santino is still hilarious and i still like Barrett. The high point was Santino calling Wade Barrett the "Barrett Garage". That was great
Miz and Shaemus have a match. Nothing exciting. Truth attacks Miz and hits him with the water bottle of doom. I actually like the WBOD. It's so stupid that it's funny, and live it looks really cool. But on TV it looks not really cool at all.
Eve is talking to Ryder backstage. It really sucks. Ryder kinda sucks still in my eyes. I wouldn't say i hate him but i just don't buy the hype yet. The conversation between the two is horrible and Swagger doesn't do a lot to help. Laurenitis makes a 6 man tag match to close the show and i couldn't care less. Kinda sad.
Punk vs Ziggler. Another great match. Two of my faves. At one point in the match i really felt that ziggler was going to get the pinfall. My heart jumped. That means a lot to get a real reaction outta me like that. I liked the end and the way ziggler won.
Next up- divas match. My whole living room was buzzing over how lame the divas are. I felt the need to defend them, blaming it all on the WWE and not the women wrestling. We talked about the good divas and complained about the bad ones. And then Eve hit a awesome moonsault which was cool. Another 3 minute divas match. oh well....
Again Punk delievers a killer promo with authority. "...beat you like a bitch!" made me bust out laughing. It was just so pissed and different than the over all feel of the show (cena doing a cheesy speech, Miz and Truth playing tom and jerry). I loved it. It's nice to see Punk pissed again, they took all the steam outta his personality and he could use it back. So it looks like we will have Punk vs Ziggler at the Rumble. I can't wait! You know that they are going to deliver for sure.
Ok here we go. The last promo. We all were SO excited. I put the word SO in caps so you KNOW i mean it. And the last promo made us even more ready for the reveal. And then what did we see? The arena fake shaking with a really cheesy effect. We could hear the rumbling and it was all so stupid that we had to laugh. But once the lights went out we all forgot all about and were totally glued to the tv. I was thinking that it had to be Taker but was still excited. Maren had the same thoughts and even made the BONG! sound effect to suggest Takers theme was about to begin. But then we saw the lights, and heard the old y2j theme and everyone cheered. I was really happy to see Jericho come down the ramp, even tho his jacked was stupid. I thought about you and how you were probably screaming in your apartment.

So Jericho goes into the usual showing off and reveling in the spotlight that all returning superstars do but by the 2 or 3 minute mark we were starting to wonder what was up. By about 6 minutes i was wondering if this was his burn on The Rock. But then it kept going and going and everyone was getting really bored. It looked like everyone in the arena loved it but i guessed that everyone at home was getting pissed. We all were. And then he walked back up the ramp and goes backstage. And that was it.

I am torn by this whole thing. I feel like it really worked on me in one way. I loved Jericho back in 2000. He was great on the mic and great in the ring. But back in 2009 when i got back into wrestling he didn't do anything for me anymore. I didn't care for him much. So his return can swing my opinion for him either way. And what he did made me not like him. I know, he is still great and smart and all that, im just saying that he did a great job and made me not like him.

But the issue i had with the whole thing was the set up. It just didn't match the punchline at all. It was kinda a bait and switch. Sure, it worked, and now Jericho is a heel and we hate him. But the WWE has been making a lot of stupid decisions lately and if this was not a well thought out plan they will become more of a heal then they already are. A personality on the show being a heel is good, the company as a whole as a heel is bad. We are currently in the middle of a really stupid and frustrating bait and switch with Brodus Clay never appearing, with absolutely no explanation. Big time plot lined just fade away such as the anonymous GM. You have a commentator who is making the talent look bad and pointing out very real flaws in the show in every single episode. The last thing they need is a poorly planned out payoff to promotional packages that created one of the most anticipated moments in years.

Enough yappin. I'm still interested, and I'm not ready to judge yet. Ill give them a chance to explain it all before i make my decision on last nights return. Till then I'm still So excited.
Alright, Last match. I don't really give a crap about this. Swagger is a jobber now, Cena is boring, Big Show is Big Show, Ryder doesn't interest me at all and Mark Henry has had his character ruined in the past few weeks. So why should i care about this match? Because Kane is going to do something cool in it, hopefully, he doesn't come down to the ring in the intro. But at the end he finally makes his entrance thru the ring and after Ryder. Who cares again? And why? I dunno. The coolest part was the fire. I marked out for the fire. But other than that it was a lame-o ending to a fun raw.
Did i bitch too much? Don't take it the wrong way. I still love the wwe and, like cena, will never give up. I just wish they would try harder sometimes.

Ill be back in a day or so with another report. Till then....

Rusty Nickles316

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