May 25, 2011

Rusty Report




  1. YAAAAA!!!!!! That was fun. It made me realize how much I miss talking wrestling with you. Alice has been watching Raw and Smackdown with me, so we can talk about current stuff, but being a new fan she doesn't have the frame of reference to get really in depth. I hope you get internet soon.

    Apparently Kharma is pregnant, and will be gone for 9 months plus. I will really miss her, she was one of the best things going.

    I have a minor disagreement; I don't think Kofi's a good wrestler. He has a good sense of theatrics and his spots are always cool looking and athletically impressive, but his pacing is terrible, his striking is weak, and his grappling is practically non-existent. Plus, as you said, his character is just a cookie-cutter babyface. No personality.

    You guys might have heard this, but the Raw you were at marked the 10th anniversary of Owen Hart's death. Seeing Bret on that day seems like a pretty special thing to me.

    I like RTruth's segments. It is awkward, but that makes it interesting to me. When most wrestlers come out, you've got a pretty good idea of what to expect, but Truth has been mixing his game up from week to week, and it's been working really well. When he was being "a good little RTruth" and gave Harts shades to "little Jimmy" and then took them back, that's great heel behavior. Like when Miz was patronizing the kid at Over the Limit. Involving the crowd, especially the kids, is such an effective tool to get love or hate from the crowd. Mysterio knows that, and that's why he's (IMO) the best babyface in the WWE. How can you not like a guy who's nice to kids? But back to Truth, it was really awkward on Monday when he was talking about the little Jimmys to Cena, and then he said out of the blue "I want my son back." He paused, Cena and Hart both looked legitimately uncomfortable, and then Truth picked back up with what he was talking about before. Super awkward, super weird, and I love it. And I don't think he really can have a theme song now, given his rebellion towards his previous character. Having no music sets him apart and demands attention, I think it's a great idea.

    Definitely agreed that Roode has been kicking major ass, and that Jarrett is a terrific heel. Good point that the TNA main event roster is thin. It makes their championship belt seem weak when the upper mid card guys like Samoa Joe, Hernandez, Morgan, Abyss, and now Crimson don't seem to have any desire to chase it. I think last week they announced that there was going to be a match this Thursday for a contenders spot. If they start mixing up their matchups again like they were a year ago, I'll be really into it, but it's seemed kind of stale for a while. But before it was stale, it was terrible, so I guess that's been an improvement. I wish they changed the look of the show more when they changed the name. Everyone's entrance still looks the same, with the green lasers and grungy guitar hooks.

    Madison Rayne is one of my absolute favorite wrestlers, and she has been for many months now. Maybe since October or November. The pompous, demure way she waves to the crowd, coupled with the aggression in the ring and way she uses her voice and bitchy attitude is a total entertainment package. What do you guys think?

    Rusty, excellent to hear your voice and get your input on the state of the wrestling world as we know it today. I'm a happier and wiser man for it.

    Over and out, oatmeal stout,

    Quarter Marshall

  2. Im going to keep doing these audio wrestling reports for a while. Ill have the internet soon so i can send them sooner. It was really fun to make it. Next time ill have some more thorough notes. It was hard to stay on track when i didnt have the results right in front of me. The next one will be a little more focused.

    As for talking wrestling. It really felt good to just say out loud all that stuff. Plus im a huge fan of shitty podcasts with people just talking about stuff they love (check out the "old school wrestling podcast" on itunes). So ill be doing a lot more. Probably one per episode of impact, smackdown and raw.

    Im in the same boat when it comes to talking about wrestling with someone. Joe and i can talk wrestling but he only watches current smackdown and raw. Thats about all we can talk about. I miss having you around so we can seriously geek out over old wrestling stuff or sit and watch hours of old ECW shows.

    This is what i used to record the Rusty Report
    Maybe it could help you get the QM report goin.

    Im just sayin